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The symbol of everlasting friendship. In this world of strangers we happen to find some invaluable relations other than the family & that’s friends. We value a lot about our friends in our day to day life. Lets celebrate those eternal relations with Alstroemeria. Alstroemeria is a flower which symbolizes the strong friendship bonds. Alstroemeria brings to you the most exclusive ‘Priority Pass’ which spreads a strong bonds between you and your friends. Priority Pass is a gift currency by Weklub which gives your friends INR71111 Discount, once he/she decides to join with you and Weklub as Alstroemeria member. Its you who cares for your friends and its you who spread the bonds to grow stronger. You will have Maximum 2 Priority Pass to gift it to your best buddies who really values a lot in your life. Weklub gives you Free travel credit of 50000 once you use your Priority Passes. Enjoy the luxury holidays year after year along with your family and best buddies.

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