A beautiful Journey is about to begin;
A story is about to unfold;

Your life's moments of new Luxury is about to be showcased.Weklub World invite you to discover the stories that will excite your thought, bringing curiosity in life's moment and taking you and your imagination to places you'd never dreamt of.

“Kamasya nendriya-pritir labho jivte yavata’ I’
Jivasya tattva jijnasa nartho yas ceha karmabhih’ II’’

”Life’s desires should never be aimed at gratifying the sense, One should desire to live only because human life enables one to inquire about-absolute Truth and self-satisfaction”.

When the tide was flowing in opposite direction! When the whole world was suspicious about an industry’s existence and identity! We dreamt of starting the same business was not an easy task. But what we had is a strong positive mind set and ‘will’ to go ahead. By that time we were not that much experienced to find the ‘what-why-how-where about’ of this business but we are determined to go ahead. We had only one dream, ‘to give a genuine product’ to the customer. We started our journey in the name of ‘Havoc Hotels & Holidays’ in 1999. To start this business our capital investment was INR8700 and lots of goodwill and trust created among our well wishers and customers/members. The journey was full of pain and frustration. But we succeed in convincing 32 valued customers to believe in us and our product. Today we called them the founder member of our Company. In the year 2000 we changed the name to ‘miraliee Country Club & Resorts’ and then on 25th November 2004 it became ‘M/s miraliee Innovative Concepts Pvt. Ltd. 1999 till 2017… ‘Miraliee’ has completed some glorious Year of Customer’s delight. We never shout out our success but our member whispers about us. Now we are coming to you in a new name, new idea, new inspiration, but the same ethos and will to get ahead. Welcome to “WEKLUB WORLD LEISURES PVT. LTD. registered under companies act as a private limited company having its Registered no. 304124 - Mumbai and CIN no is U55209MH2018PTC304124.WEKLUB, defines our oneness & togetherness. WEKLUB believes in spreading relation and create a strong bond among its members. WEKLUB is here to bring its share of successful ideas to create new bench mark in travel and tourism industry World over. At Weklub we always thriving to bring research based product to its customer with unique touch and conceptualize presentation.

Welcome Home

The Company is into hospitality and leisure business. There are many Travel Partners across the Country thru whom the Company distributes and sell the Leisure Occupancy and Distribution business besides Travel and Holiday Membership. Our Travel & Holiday Membership products are class apart without any compromise and competition from others. Our products are so strong yet transparent, it creates a big ‘WOW’ in customers mind. WEKLUB works with one ethics ‘ work until the expensive becomes affordable’. We begin our journey with think differently. Weklub always thrive to bring solutions to product by keeping customers requirements in mind. Since 1999 we have never designed/sale any products only to sale. We brought solutions and satisfactions into customers mind. We are the only company where our service user ratio is 100 percent and service utilization ratio is 93 percent in Travel & Holiday Membership. And all this is possible because of our customer centric products.

Why Us
  • World's 1st holiday brand to offer
  • One world holiday solutions
  • 60000+ hotels/resorts worldwide
  • 135+ luxury holiday brand for member holidays
  • 6000+ destinations worldwide
  • Realtime booking platform
  • Holiday bookings within 72 hours to members*
  • All season holidays in one membership
  • Holiday split across all hotels
  • Link-in-holiday/travel options
  • 100% EMI waiver thru Priority Pass Program
  • Booking of holidays backed by 100% money back guarantee
  • Smart dash board to manage your one holidays
  • Multi-Sensory usage of travel points
  • No guest charges in case of gifting
  • Offers bonus holiday points against hotel bookings*
  • Offers royalty Bonus points on yearly basis*
  • No exchange fees
  • Life style club urbane memberships for every members*
  • Low rate of interest/no interest for EMI options
  • one stop travel solutions
  • Travel points can be carryforward up to 2 years
Welcome World

Take your journey of dream holidays into the world of Weklub life, and discover stories that will excite your life's moments, bringing back curiosity into your mind, taking your imagination to places you’d never expect. As the world’s first luxury holiday brand, Weklub World Leisures has been pioneering travel across the globe for more than 15 years now. We’re proud to share our achievements and experiences with the world. Our experience of the world leisure know-how and local cultural wisdom helps us presenting the best Travel & Holiday membership which is certainly the best in the Industry. Weklub is the only Luxury Leisure brand which provides multi luxury hotel brands, realtime online hotel bookings, 360 degree travel assistance, multi use travel credits and an efficient customer care team to take care of all your travel needs. Whether you’re looking for a travel destination steeped in culture and heritage, an impromptu weekend of shopping and spa, a small business trip to the world’s cities, or an idyllic resort for your private events, Weklub World Leisures can offer you a world of diverse destinations and this is possible thru one membership. You don't have to hunt for travel advisors to plan your journey every time once you become a member with Weklub World Leisures. From the exquisite beaches world over to the historic destinations & pilgrimages, from the lively streets of the world’s cities to the breathtaking winter & summer mountains, your travel opportunities are limitless. Destinations those are alive with the joy and smile, beauty lies in every inch of the hospitality… WEKLUB invite you to visit the world's best kept, secret destinations, indulge yourself to the ocean of Luxury. It’s a masterpiece of Luxury and a tribute to your stature and lifestyle. When you become a member with Weklub, you become an ambassador of luxurious leisures by which you will experience luxury holidays and Elite status. Being an Elite it gives you the freedom to do the things you love . Weklub is the only luxury brand which allows you to earn Royalty Bonus Travel Points every time you plan your holidays thru your membership.

Who We Are

Weklub World Leisures Pvt. Ltd. is being conceived and established by Mr. Ranjan Kumar Biswal & Mrs. Pramila R. Biswal. Mr. Ranjan Kumar by profession a businessman has completed his study (Bcom) in Utkal University, Odisha. Mr. & Mrs. Biswal are into holiday business since 1993. It's a long journey where they both had acquired in depth knowledge about the industry and its functioning. There other interests are Leisure estate development, hotels & resorts and software development. The company is planning its first leisure estate development at Lonavala, Maharashtra along with a luxury resorts. The land is already acquired and its expecting to takeoff this year itself. The company is also planning to come up with similar development at Igatpuri, Goa, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata & Gurugram. The Company is in process of acquiring the required land and also entering into some join tventure development. The software company ‘Arthurwrite Technologies’ is into innovative software designing and providing turnkey solutions to small scale and mid scale industries and government bodies. We at Weklub always thought of providing unlimited and maximum choice of hotels/resorts to the customer and members and it will be only possible if you have unlimited and wide range of choice/s. In Holiday Industry whether its in India or World any concept/membership/member holiday will survive if the (HHI) Holiday-Hotel-Inventory is unlimited and unmatched.

How Does It Work

‘WEKLUB’ is the World’s first and only travel-holiday Company offering 62000+ hotels & resorts worldwide with 135+ luxury brands spread over 6000 destinations. Our approach towards the concepts and customers is completely transparent and we have the privilege to say this we have achieve it through the trust of our growing customer and member base. Our every T&HM (Travel & Holiday Membership) products are multi-sensory products. It gives the freedom to utilize your share of holidays in your way. You can use your share of travel points in hotel/resort bookings, flight tickets, car hire, destination planning and food and beverages. One can use the travel points as per the membership categories.

Why We

What constitutes genuine sophistication? And as a traveler, how can we seek it out and truly appreciate it? Now a days, we discover how a lifelong dedication to this industry bring increasingly sophisticated and multi sensory products to demanding customers/members. We also learn why only a combination of right thinking with innovative idea can create world’s best luxury concepts. We have illustrated our sophistication idea's, which arrived at over time by gaining more customer experience and understanding. we believe that your holidays should be an expression of your own unique love for your family & friends. Whether it’s the hotels, the food or the dream destinations – 'weklub' always thrive of creating a celebration that brings your dreams to fulfill life's most adorable moment. Every time you plan your holiday with 'weklub', you’re now part of the extended 'weklub' family. As a weklub member, you can earn and redeem additional trave/holiday/bonus points in more ways than ever by using your member services. Those earned points can be used in a luxury vacation at the weklub provided destinations/hotels worldwide. 'WEKLUB' is the only Luxury holiday brand in the world to offer these features in timeshare holidays thru the path breaking products.


Jason Lamont

We have been using Weklub membership for last 5 years. We truly love their worldwide services and amazing offers. Weklub team is very cooperative. Everything and everyone exceeded our highest expectations. Thank you for making our each trip a memorable one.

United States
Prakhar Dixit

WeKlub is a complete holiday package for our family and provide affordable membership plans with best & luxurious services. We don't have to contact different travel agents for planning our trips. My family always spend a marvelous time, and enjoy their wonderful arrangements.

Richard Jane

Recetly came from a holiday and this was the best vacation I have ever had. We take yearly trips from different travel agents but this trip, after becoming WeKlub member, outshined all the rest! This package offered so much to do and so much to experience. We would highly recommend WeKlub!

United States

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